We’re unparking The CARR

In the fall of 2019 we officially “parked The CARR”, having fulfilled our mission to resettle four families, three from Syria and one from Iraq, whose lives were torn apart by war and oppression in the Middle East.  With the fall of the Afghan government to the Taliban on August 15, 2021, once again the plight of innocent people fleeing to safety from tyranny and persecution made global news.

It is with pleasure that we announce the relaunching of CARR under the capable leadership of Elsie Stresman and Margo Bell.  Elsie and Margo served on the Executive of CARR and were instrumental in its success.  They both bring extensive experience in leadership roles, knowledge of our community, strong organizational and communication skills, and empathy and compassion for the Afghan refugees.  As so ably demonstrated with CARR, we are confident that, once again, our community has the capacity and support to expedite the resettlement of families seeking refuge in our area.


 Ann and Gord Munroe


An amazing family in danger

All names have been changed for the protection of those we are trying to help.

Sponsored by Rideau Bridge to Canada

Kara (pictured in the top left) is a journalist, human rights defender, and single mother of two. Before the flight, she was living in a two-room apartment in Kabul with 15 people for three months.

Although she was thrilled to leave Afghanistan with her children, mother, and sister, it was bittersweet as she had to leave behind another sister, her husband, and their two young children; as well as her brother, his wife, and their two children plus two other family members.  Kara left with the knowledge that people in Canada were working toward getting the balance of her family to safety outside of Afghanistan and then sponsoring them to Canada. This is a family who has consistently shown their humanity and passion for civil rights and now is a very large target for the Taliban.

Sponsored by CARR

CARR is working with Rideau Bridge to Canada to get the remaining 10 family members out of Afghanistan.  We have committed to sponsoring Kara’s sister and immediate family of four which includes her husband and two young children.

Kara’s sister Nel is a 30-year-old mother to a 6-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter. She is a Human Rights activist and a lawyer who worked for education rights for women prior to the Taliban takeover. Her husband is also a lawyer and at incredibly high risk due to his ongoing fights for justice.

Nel, her husband and two children are currently the focus for CARR. However, we are hopeful we can raise more than the 50-60K needed for their family and help bring additional family members to Canada. 

Our country will only be better for it.

We’ve done this before

More than four years have flown by since the CARR was first set in motion.

During that time the CARR helped twenty-five people, whose lives had been torn apart by war and oppression, find their way successfully into our community and into our hearts.

Over a year after the arrival of the final family, it is fair to say that all those who have arrived have personally benefitted by finding a home in a safe small Canadian town where adults and children can learn, grow and flourish.

 Meet Fawza and Waed

In 2018  Fawza and her family joined her sister and her family in Perth. She is forever grateful for the people who support her family.
“The people here really, really, really, saved our lives.”

To read Fawza and her daughter Waed’s story click on the button below.