When the Taliban took over afghanistan

And CARR was reborn

On August 15, 2021
the BBC reported that:

“Taliban fighters took their first provincial capital on 6 August – and by 15 August, they were at the gates of Kabul. Their lightning advance prompted tens of thousands of people to flee their homes, many arriving in the Afghan capital, others heading for neighbouring countries.” Read Original Article

Here in Perth and District we all saw the images of the chaos at the airport in Kabul with Afghans trying to flee their country. After all their war-torn country had survived the insurrection was successful and the Taliban now ruled Afghanistan.

On September 8, 2021
the following email was received

by Ann Munroe (former Chair of CARR) from the current Chair of Rideau Bridge to Canada (an organization that successfully sponsored 2 Syrian families):

“Hi Ann

Hope all is well with you and yours after this crazy couple of years. 

Rideau Bridge to Canada has decided to sponsor a family of 5 from Afghanistan.  One of our Exec members had worked there for a number of years and knew a woman,  hired by Canadians, who ran a women employed radio station.  She is a journalist; you may have heard her interview on The Current yesterday.  All of her family members work with NGO’s and Human rights organizations.  3 weeks ago when we agreed to sponsor them circumstances were quite different.  As the chaos erupted, they fled to Kabul and brought 9 more family members, several very young children. 

The reason I am contacting you is to ask if any of your former members would be interested in being involved with sponsoring again. We know our small group wouldn’t be capable of fundraising for the additional 9 people.  Or if you could put me in touch with your former communications director for some contacts in Perth for getting the word out.  

It is an absolutely chaotic and dangerous situation over there.  We are so hoping to be able to offer the hope of getting the entire group to Canada if they are able to get out of Afghanistan. 

Audrey Bridge

Still the Chair of Rideau Bridge to Canada

AND with that..

A new team is born

Elsie Stresman, Co-chair
Margo Bell, Co-chair
Dawn Best, Secretary
To be confirmed shortly, Finances
Kristy Tait-Angel and Judy Tait, Co Fundraising Coordinators
Tracy Noonan, Communications
???,  Volunteer Coordinator